Updates – SB234 Passed

Updates – SB234 Passed

Last night(Wednesday 27, Feb 2013) we were told  that Senate Bill 234 would not be heard and after we left with Senator Cervantes as vice-chair the bill was heard and passed.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Protect our Chile Farms from More Government Oversight!

Say NO to SB234!


SB 234 (Expanding Violations of the NM Chile Advertising Act – Sen. George Munoz)

will be heard in Senate Conservation tomorrow, February 12th


                At 2:30 in Room 311 at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.


Click on Introduced at this website for a copy of the bill:  http://www.nmlegis.gov/lcs/_session.aspx?chamber=S&legtype=B&legno=%20234&year=13


This is a bill for the New Mexico Chile Industry, written by the NM Chile Association, and NOT for New Mexico family farmers.


This law requires if you “advertise, describe, label or offer for sale chile peppers using the name of any geographic area or feature in New Mexico,”

You have to do the following:

  1. oRegister with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA).
  2. oHave a verification form follow every sale you make.
  3. oIt also gives the NMDA authority to enter“store, market or other business or place” to inspect and audit records related to chile.


This is more big government over our farming activities,

especially our small farmers!

Line up and demand the legislators listen to us!  (Please be polite)


Call, email, and pack the room. 

Senate Conservation – Rm 311 at 2:30, Tomorrow Feb 11th




Email (cut and paste). 

Put in header:  

       Vote No on SB234

peter.wirth@nmlegis.gov, pat.woods@nmlegis.gov, bill.soules@nmlegis.gov, benny.shendo@nmlegis.gov, richard.martinez@nmlegis.gov, william.payne@nmlegis.gov, bill.williamsharer.gov



Peter Wirth



Benny Shendo, Jr.                

Vice Chair


Joseph Cervantes



Phil A. Griego



Richard C. Martinez



William H. Payne



William E. Sharer



William Soules



Pat Woods



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