Say NO to HB238 !   (Chile Advertising Act Violations - Rep. R. Martinez - D)  
HB238 will be heard in House Judiciary ----- Wednesday, February 20th.
At 1:30 in Room 309 at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe*.

HB238  is unneeded, burdensome, and unfair regulation.

This is more regulation over farming activities, especially small farmers!


The bill is for the New Mexico Chile Industry, written by the NM Chile Association, and NOT for NM family farmers. It impacts everyone growing any kind of chile peppers (all capsicum annum).   It does the following:

  • Prohibits you from calling your chile by its name, such as Isleta, Chimayo, Dixon, Rio Grande, etc. UNLESS you register with the NM Department of Agriculture.
  • Allows for NM Dept of Agriculture authority to come to your property to inspect and audit records, if someone reports you to the “Chile Police”
  • Allows for contamination. Products labeled as “New Mexico Chile,” can contain up to 5% of non-NM Chile.
  • Your name and farm location is posted on a public website
  • A verification form must follow every sale you make.


* Hearing is scheduled for 1:30 or 30 minutes after Floor Session ends. Exact time is always unknown. The Roundhouse is located at the Corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo de Peralta.


The date may change. Please check the following for changes:


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